We need a new world order

So, just checking back in, it has been a while since I have contacted my people and I want to put the minds of all my loyal followers at ease. Fear not all is well in the great north woods and I am flourishing as always. I have missed you my people and will try more diligently to stay in contact from this point forward. Your standing orders, as always, are to create disruptions for the evil american government and do everything we can to completely destroy the guiding hand of the capitalist empire that is oppressing our people, all the people of the world. We need to remember that america is not evil but our government most certainly is. The capitalists with their death grip that they hold on our planet, destroying all manner of life, will bring a complete end to what we call earth if not stopped. So I say to all my people stand up and stop our oppressors we have the power, we have the numbers, we can see through their tools of oppression, we can put an end to the gluttony, poverty, senseless violence, and pollution. If we don't do it then we are all doomed. I SAY REVOLUTION, NOW STAND WITH ME.