In The Beginning

Well I may be a little late to the game, so I will just need to catch up. From time to time I plan to post some sort of rant or any thought that comes to me. To start I would like to take about the morons that keep complaining about the gas prices while they go fill up their gas devouring four wheel drive vehicles with large tires that they only use to pick up groceries providing that it isn't raining. The easiest way for a consumer to effect pice is by changing our demand. If we are unwilling to change our demand then we do not have the right to complain about gas prices. It is ridiculous to use these vehicular monstrosities for such trivial tasks. It is just plain foolishness, and what is the main reason given for using these oversized vehicles. Most of the time I hear people say that they feel safer on the road, but what is the danger that they are trying to avoid, other idiots that feel they need to drive around in their highway monsters. This seems to be a complete waste of our resources based on the fear of people acting the same way we do. If we all drove smaller more efficient cars we could avoid many problems.