Renaissance festivals

This past weekend I attended a Renaissance festival in southern Minnesota, I have to admit that it was my first time at such an advent and it was a different experience. It truly is difficult to explain, you see some people who must truly be delusional and think that they actually are from that time period. The people working there were interesting in their authentic to less than authentic costumes, like the guy working at the ax throwing booth who seemed to be stoned out of his mind and was trying to tell us about someone who hit themselves in the head with an ax earlier that day. There were also some very cool people there that had the ability to create some amazing crafts using, mostly, techniques developed hundreds of years ago. A good example of this was watching the glass blower, there were also handmade weapons, costumes, an other wares that were amazing (and over priced). The food stands seemed more contemporary but that was OK there were plenty of other things to do and see. The King of the Log game was fun to watch, these two kids stand on this log, each of them has a pillow case a quarter of the way full with sand, and they whack the hell out of each other until one of them falls off. I tried my hand at ax throwing, knife throwing, throwing stars, and archery. I wasn't good at any of it but still it was fun. I drank plenty of beer and got to watch all kinds of different people all in all it was a good time, a bit strange but fun.


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